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Shangchai Diesel Generator Set
Shangchai Diesel Generator Set
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Founded in July 1947, with 60 years of experience in diesel engine manufacturing. Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (SDE) is one of technical leaders in China internal-combustion engine industry. Devoting to the research, production and manufacture of the professional diesel engines, its engine possesses the excellent drive power, economic efficiency and reliability, easy operation and maintenance.
SDE 135 series diesel engines are the earliest and using widely models in China. 135 diesel generator set has mature technology, sufficient accessories and different ranges of power.

YILONG-SHANGCHAI generator set, selects 135 series engine from SDE Company. It is one of our main products. Including alternator, base frame, connecting flange, fuel tank, and control system,etc..

Engine can be coupled with yl series A.C.synchronous brushless alternator( new-style designed by ourselves,with update international technology). It can also be matched with STAMFORD,LEORY SOMER, MARATHON alternator according to customers’ demand.
Gensets can be open type or soundproof (silent) type.

Gensets’ electric performance
Gensets compliance with all main standards, such as :GB/T2820,ISO8528,IEC34,VDE0875-N
Prime output power: 50kw-600 kw(62.5kva-750kva)
Rated voltage:400/230v, 440/254v, 220/127v, etc.
Phase/connecting method: 3 phase 4wire/Y type connection
Rated frequency: 50/60hz
Rated speed: 1500/1800rpm
Excited type: Brushless, self excited or PMG
Insulation: Class H
Protection: IP21~IP23
Voltage regulation: AVR automatic control
Altitude above sea level: ≤1000 meters
Ambient air temperature: ≤40℃
Relative air humidity: ≤ 90%

Controller system
1.Standard control panel, including voltmeter, fequency meter, ampere meter,water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, AMF control module,oil level indicator, emergency button,preheating button, battery voltage gauge, hours running counter for protection and tranfering.
2.It can be with ATS electric control cabinet, including circuit breaker, LCD or LED auto controller, indicating lamp, transfer switch,etc.. Automatic transfer switch (ATS) uses update technology, which can be automatic control for on-off electricity, remote monitoring, automatic parallel operation,etc…
Gensets power Engine
Engine power Alternator(dynamotor)
Stand by
Stand by
YL-SD70 50/62.5 55/69 4135D-1 58.8/73.5 66.5/83 YL-224E UCI224E LSA43.2L65 MP-50-4
YL-SD88 64/80 70/87.5 4135AD 73.5/92 81/101 YL-224F UCI224G LSA43.2L8 MP-64-4
YL-SD100 75/94 83/104 4135AZD-1 90/112.5 99/124 YL-274C UCI274C LSA44.2VS45 MP-80-4
75/94 83/104 6135D-3 88/110 97/121 YL-274C UCI274C LSA44.2VS45 MP-80-4
YL-SD125 90/112.5 99/124 4135AZD 107/134 118/147.5 YL-274DS UCI274D LSA44.2S7 MP-90-4
YL-SD140 100/125 110/137.5 4135AZD-2 117/146 129/161 YL-274D UCI274E LSA44.2S75 MP-104-4
100/125 110/137.5 6135AD 110/137.5 121/151 YL-274D UCI274D LSA44.2S7 MP-104-4
YL-SD165 120/150 132/165 6135JZD 140/175 154/192.5 YL-274FS UCI274F LSA44.2M95 MP-120-4
YL-SD190 140/175 154/192.5 6135AZD-1 155/194 170/212.5 YL-274G UCI274G LSA46.2M3 MP-140-4
YL-SD220 160/200 176/220 G128ZLD/187 206/257.5 227/284 YL-274H UCD274H LSA46.2M5 MP-160-4
YL-SD250 180/225 198/247.5 G128ZLD-2 206/257.5 227/284 YL-274J UCD274J LSA46.2L6 MP-180-4
YL-SD275 200/250 220/275 G128ZLD-1 236/295 260/325 YL-274K UCD274K LSA46.2L6 MP-200-4
YL-SD350 250/312.5 275/344 G128ZLD11 280/350 308/385 YL-C4D HCI444ES LSA46.2VL12 MP-250-4
YL-SD380 280/350 308/385 12V135AZD 300/375 330/412.5 YL-C4E HCI444E LSA47.2VS2 MP-280-4
YL-SD420 300/375 330/412.5 12V135AZLD 339/424 373/466 YL-C4FS HCI444FS LSA47.2S4 MP-300-4
YL-SD500 360/450 396/495 12V135BZLD 400/500 442/552.5 YL-C5C HCI544C LSA47.2S5 MX-350-4A/S
360/450 396/495 NT271ZW40 400/500 440/550 YL-C5C HCI544C LSA47.2S5 MP-350-4A/S
YL-SD550 400/500 440/550 12V135BZLD2 454/567.5 500/625 YL-C5D HCI544C LSA47.2M7 MX-400-4A/S
400/500 440/550 NT283ZW46 459/574 505/631 YL-C5D HCI544C LSA47.2M7 MP-400-4A/S
YL-SD620 450/562.5 495/619 12V135BZLD1 505/6314 555/694 YL-C5E HCI544D LSA47.2M8 MX-480-4A/S
450/562.5 495/619 NT271LW51 507/634 558/697.5 YL-C5E HCI544D LSA47.2M8 MP-480-4A/S
YL-SD660 480/600 528/660 NT271LW53 530/662.5 583/729 YL-C5D HCI544E LSA47.2L9  MP-480-4A/S
YL-SD700 500/625 550/687.5 TC283LW56 561/7014 617/771 YL-C5FS HCI544FS LSA49.1S4A MX-500-4
500/625 550/687.5 TC283LW59 588/735 647/809 YL-C5FS HCI544FS LSA49.1S4A MX-500-4
YL-SD825 600/750 660/825 TC296LW66 660/825 726/907.5 YL-LV6B LV634B LSA49.1M65  MX-600-4