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Diesel generator 56 technologies questions and answers 2

15, Power set engine power with a horsepower expression, how horsepower convert with the international unit kilowatt?


Answer: 1 horsepower =0.735 kilowatts, 1 kilowatt =1.36 horsepower


16th, how does the three-phase generator electric current calculate?


Answer: I = P/(v 3 Ucos phi)


Electric current = power (tile)/(v 3 *400 (bends down) * 0.8).


The formula is: I (A) = unit rated power (KW) * 1.8


17, The relationships of apparent power, active power, rated power, maximum work rate and economical power?


Answer: 1) the apparent power unit is KVA, our country custom uses in expressing the transformer and the UPS capacity.


2) the active power is 0.8 times of the apparent power, the unit is KW, our country custom uses in the generating set and the current collector.


3) the rated power of diesel oil power set's is refers to the continuous running power for 12 hours.


4) the maximum work rate is 1.1 times of the rated power, but in 12 hours only allowed use for 1 hour.


5) the economical power is 0.75 times of the rated power. In the circumstances diesel oil power set can have long-term movement output. When this power operation would save most fuel oil and the failure rate is lowest.


18th, why doesn't allow the diesel oil power set move for a long time in the situation which lower than the 50% of rated power?


Answer: enlarges the oil consumption, the diesel engine easy knot coal, to increase the failure rate and reduce the overhaul period.


19th, when the generator is movement. How to know the actual output power?


Answer: Take the ampere meter. The power table only makes the reference.


20th, if a power set's frequency and voltage do not stabilize its lie in the engine or generator?


Answer: Lies in the engine.


21st, if a power set's frequency is stable but the voltage does not stabilize its lie in the engine or generator?


Answer: Lies in the generator.


22nd, how matter does the generator lose magnetism, how should process?


Answer: Does not use the electricity generation for a long time cause to lose magnetism in the ferrite core. The exciting coil cannot establish the magnetic field which should have. Therefore the engine revolution normal but could not send out the electricity. This kind of phenomenon was in new machine or the unit which does not use for a long time.


Processing method: 1) to press the excitation button if the machine has, 2) if have not the excitation button, magnetizes with the storage battery, 3) take a lig ht bulb load, over speed revolves several seconds.


23, the power set to be discovered that the power to drop after used period of time, what was the main reason?


Answer: A, air strainer too dirty, the air entrainment is insufficient, you should to clean or replacement air strainer.


B, the equipment of fuel oil filtrating is too dirty, the distributive value is insufficient, must replace or clean.


C, the time of firing must to adjust.


24, the power set belt load its voltage, the frequency is stable but the electric current is unstable, what is the question?


Answer: The question is that the load of customers not to be unstable. The quality of generator does not have any questions absolutely.


25th, the power set's frequency is unstable. What is the question?


Answer: Its lies in the rotational speed of generator not to be unstable.


26th, Which points should be pay attention especially in the using of diesel oil power group.

Answer: 1) the tank's water must be sufficient, and keeping the reasonable temperature of works.

2) lubricates oil of machine should have to arrive non- excessively and run in the permission pressure.

3) the frequency stabilizes about 50HZ, voltage regulation about 400V.

4) three-phase current in designated scope.

27th, which spare parts of diesel oil power group need to replace or clean frequently?

Answer: Diesel oil filter, machine oil filter, air strainer. (separate unit and the water filter)

28th, what excellence of non-brushes generator is?

( 1 ) no necessary to maintain by char brush.

(2) anti- radio jamming;

(3)few loses-magnetism breakdown.

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