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Diesel generator 56 technologies questions and answers 3

29th,in generally, what rank of domestically produced generator insulation is?

Answer: Domestic product can up to the standard of B level; and The marathon brand machine , Lai woods Masurium and Shi Danfu is the H level.

30th, what kinds of gasoline engine need mixed the machine oil and gasoil?

Answer: Two strokes gasoline engine.

31st, which six systems diesel oil power set basic equipments including?

Answer: (1) machine oil lubrication system;

(2) fuel oil system;

(3) controls and protecting system;

(4) cools the cooling system;

(5) exhausting system;

(6) start-up system;


32 ? Why shall we suggest client use our machine oil in distribution hand and foot ?

Answer: due to engine, The machine oil as the blood in people body, once the customer use unqualified machine oil can cause the engine 's axle to stop, the gear and the crank distortion break even lead to the serious accident, until machine completely discards.


After 33rd, why the new machine should replace the machine oil and the oil filter when using some days?

Answer: it is unavoidable that the New machine oil sump will enter some impurity in the running-in period, thus impurity can causes the machine oil and the oil filter take place some physical or chemistry qualitative change.


34th, why do we request that the exhausts tube direct to the under 5-10 incline when installing the unit?

Answer: it will prevent the rain enter exhaust tube to causes the significant accident.


35th, in generally diesel engine is equip the manual oil pump and exhaust bolt, what is its function?

Answer: get rid of the air in the fuel pipe before starting-up.


36th, How to divide the automatic rank of diesel oil power set?

Answer: Manual, self-starting, self-starting Canadian automatic city electricity transformation cabinet, long-distance range three remote (remote control, telemeter, remote jail.)


37th, why the standard line voltage of engine is 400V but not 380V?

Answer: Because line voltage will fall the loss when goes beyond a line.


38th, why the diesel oil power set running location should keep the air smooth?

Answer: The diesel engine strives is effected directly by air quantity and influence, and the generator must maintain sufficient air to cool Therefore, it should keep the air to smooth.

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