Safety use guide

Safety use of generators
Generators are generally used as back-up power supply in emergent state or used as power supply in places where there are no electric networks. For the sake of safety operation, before operating the generating set, please carefully read and comprehend the instruction manual. Only by getting acquainted with the safety operation procedure of generators set can help you to avoid unexpected accident.

Safety operation and maintenance of generators:

 It is forbidden to operate the generator indoors. When in operation, the distance between the generator and buildings or other devices shall be at least 1 meter, otherwise the generator will overheat.。
New gasoline is needed for the generator. If the generator will not be used within 30 days, please use fuel stabilizer to stabilize the gasoline.
The gasoline and gasoline vapor is very inflammable, so before refilling gasoline, the engine shall be at least cooled down for 2 minutes.
Maintain the generator according to maintenance schedule to keep it in good performance and safety use.
Rolled up electric wires may generate heat, so do not roll up electric wires. The electric wires shall be laid horizontally on open space.

Personal safety protection
Please do read and observe the operation manual and all the operation instructions.
 Please do use the generator in well-ventilated outdoor areas.
 Do not use the generator in rain or snow days or touch the generator with wet hands; otherwise there is electric shock hazard.
Do not use the generator near inflammable and explosive materials.
When operating, the engine must be laid on horizontal floor.
When using extension wire, make sure it is earthed and the wire size is enough.
Heavy outdoor wire shall carry the load of household appliance.
It is strictly forbidden to connect the generator into indoor electric circuit.
 If the generator is connected with indoor electric circuit system, an eligible emergent manual power transfer device must be installed.

Using skills
Decide which household appliances can be used according to indicated watts.
Try to operate how to use generator to ensure you are familiar with generator operation in case of power failure.
Always prepare a torch so as to find the generator conveniently.
Properly place the generator.
If the generator is started by battery, please ensure you have a good battery.
Occasionally use the generator to ensure good lubrication of it.
Keep gasoline and extension wire long enough. If they are stored for a long term, fuel stabilizer is needed.
Only connect one household appliance once to ensure the electrical circuit does not overload.
Before storing, the generator needs to be totally cooled down.
When storing, please cover the generator to avoid that it is tainted with dust and scrap.